Our Mission is to instill within our Mentees they are the best their families have to offer. They are charged with taking their family’s Legacy higher. But first, they must believe they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. Their ultimate goal is to become a valuable asset in their homes, school and community. We plan on achieving these goals by instilling self love, self respect, respect for their elders, their women and the greater community. 


Goals and Objectives

The purpose of the DCS Mentoring Program is to prepare young men to become confident leaders in their community by providing unparalleled access to knowledge, training and emersion through a uniquely created integrated curriculum with an emphasis on real-world application.



dcsmp-strategyWe will achieve our goals and objectives by:

  • Identifying and strengthening weaknesses while celebrating and nourishing those strengths;
  • Providing an opportunity for young men to learn and practice professional networking skills;
  • Promoting character development and proper etiquette with n emphasis on cultural awareness and respect;
  • Equipping young men with the understanding and tools to make ethical and informed decisions;
  • Offering tools & resources for young men to develop confidence and excellent leadership, communication and critical thinking;
  • Providing qualified mentors to guide and support them.